Little girl finding focus in her work

Finding Focus: Overcoming Distractions and Fear

Little girl finding focus in her work

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I’m already running a day behind in Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. So much for finding focus. It’s the beginning of Day 2 and I’m just getting started on Day 1. Does this have a familiar ring to it?

It does for me. I often find myself making excuses for why I’m not getting the things done that I set for myself. It’s not because I’m not trying. If I’m completely honest, it is a lack of focus and fear.

Removing or conquering distractions.

I get distracted easily, especially out here on the road. I get on my computer and I start working. Then my husband comes in or an “important, can’t wait” email pops into my inbox. Or I end up helping someone on Facebook because I’m too helpful. Or it’s the noises outside, such as recently we stayed at a place with heavy construction outside. I found it hard to work and focus because of all the noises.

As for the fear, I’m not sure why I’m scared of my success. I’ve been so successful with my businesses in the past and even now I’m successful at the things I do. Except for the ones that pay money! Over the past few years, I’ve shied away from making money and instead focused on the things that don’t.

I want to but for some reason once I get going and things start moving, I find reasons (excuses) to slow them to a crawl. It doesn’t make sense. I thrive on the challenge of succeeding, so why am I so afraid of moving forward in a working capacity that pays actual money?

Finding focus and freedom means finding ways to work around or with the distractions. I know what I have to do. I will create a plan and implement it.

  1. Setting clear boundaries with hubby is the first step. I’m going to set regular hours for work with a few scheduled breaks. During the work hours, I’m off-limits. He can talk to me during the breaks or after work.
  2. I’m going to put the distraction removal software on my computer and use it. My current way of just keeping the tabs closed is not working.
  3. For the outside distractions, I can use my headphones with calm working music or find locations with wi-fi that are quieter. I know I work better in a quiet environment, so making sure I have the quietest possible place is best for working.
  4. Mediation. I’m bringing meditation back into my life. I find it helps with distractions and I’ve been remiss in keeping up my practice.

Confronting and conquering the fear. 

Admitting the fear is the first step to overcoming it. It wasn’t until starting this challenge that I even examined myself close enough to realize fear is one of the biggest things holding me back. I don’t even know what I’m afraid of.

I’ve been successful before. I’m still successful in most of what I do now. But why do I shy away from being successful in my writing career?

I find so many excuses as to why I’m not doing well. They are all reasonable reasons. My cold pitches aren’t working well. The competition in my niche is fierce. Maybe I’m not pitching the right people.

But the plain hard cold truth is that I’m afraid.

It’s deep-seated. And until writing this post, I haven’t been honest with myself about the fear. I’m not really sure why. It’s something I’ll have to explore deeper now that I’ve finally admitted the truth. Why am I afraid?

It’ll take more time than this post to figure out the full answer. But the solution is simple.

  1. Face the fear and move forward.
  2. Stop letting the fear rule my life.
  3. Step up and overcome.
  4. Yoga. Exercise helps with stress and I find yoga peaceful and calming. With regular yoga practice, I often find I feel more hopeful and like I can conquer the world. I feel more connected with myself and others.

Now that I know my focus killers are distractions and fear, it’s time to work my way to freedom. I’ve got a lot of heavy work ahead but I’m up for the challenge. I’ll conquer the distractions and the fear. I’ll find my focus.

I’m finding the focus for moving forward towards making my dream of working location independent a reality. 

I’m open to your suggestions, thoughts and ideas. What does finding focus mean to you? What are your focus killers?

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1


  • Heidi,

    Good luck to you and thank you for the post. It wasn\\\’t until I read your post that I was able to admit to myself why I am afraid. Once I wrote them down I realize that the fear is pretty silly, that once I push past the fear and go for it anyway, the fear will leave. Good luck to you. Jenn

  • Jodie says:

    Heidi you rock! Everything you have shared in this post is ringing true for me – I\’m so happy you have the talents to articulate the experiences I also have. I particularly like the idea of not just working around distractions, but as you say, working with them too. And having just re-started a 30 day yoga challenge, I can see clearly now how the breathe, the stretch and the quieting of the mind (as much as possible at least) is so beneficial to my own process of working with distractions and facing up to the gifts that fear can reveal.

    Thank you, I look forward to more insightful reading.

    • Heidi Medina says:

      Thank you for the beautiful words Jodie. This challenge is really opening my mind and making me think. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s responses and seeing what more is to come.

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