Man and woman practicing yoga on the beach

Using the Power of Visualization

Man and woman practicing yoga on the beach

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Wow, it’s amazing how travel gets in the way of getting things done. I visualized catching up on my posts on the flight, but guess I didn’t visualize hard enough because that didn’t happen. So here I am just getting Day 3 posted.

A few years ago, I watched a documentary called The Secret. It’s about the Laws of Attraction and visualizing what you wanted out of life in order to get what you want. While I felt the documentary was a little too money focused, I realized the techniques could be applied to all things in life.

I began applying the techniques to simple things, such as visualizing a parking space in crowded downtown Denver. And before I knew it, I was almost always getting a parking space right where I visualized it. It was amazing. But like with many things, I let a busy life distract me and I stopped visualizing instead of making it a full-time part of my life.

As I’m working towards my goal of making a living online from anywhere in the world, I’m going to start applying the Laws of Attraction and visualization to my life. I’m going to visualize my life as I want it and it’s going to happen. I’m going to start that process now and visualize a day in the life I want to have.

A Perfect Visualization for Living the Freedom Lifestyle

7:00 Wake up

7:10 Meditation in the garden or on the beach

7:20 Practice learning Spanish; make tea, feed the pets

7:40 Quiet time with my tea, maybe wander through the garden or walk on the beach or walk the dog

8:00 Check emails, social media and housesitting jobs, eat breakfast

8:30 Work on the latest blog posts for my blogs

9:00 – 9:10 Small break for stretching and relaxing, water the plants

10:00 Clients work

11 – 11:10 Small break for stretching and relaxing

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Yoga

14:15 Read and edit work completed in the morning

15:00 Spending time with my hubby, exploring our latest place, visit the market for dinner ingredients

18:00 Prep for dinner, do a little housecleaning, walk the dog

19:30 Dinner photo shot for food blog

20:15 Eat dinner

21:15 Relax with hubby and an after dinner glass of wine, watch a little Netflix

22:00 Nice relaxing bath complete with candles, a good book and the rest of my wine

23:00 Bedtime

Time to work on my visualization techniques and get the laws of attraction working for me. This day sounds like heaven. While I know the real world is sometimes a lot different, especially on travel days, I do believe days like this could be a complete reality with a little hard work and planning.

With focus and determination, I can have anything I want, including the perfect day living the freedom lifestyle.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 

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