Turn your success plan into a road map by creating a plan

Increase Your Success by Creating a Success Plan

Turn your success plan into a road map by creating a plan

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Having a success plan is one of the best ways to succeed at anything you want in life. According to a Havard study, writing down your plan increases your chance of success by at least 30%.

Just think of all those New Year’s resolutions you have failed at; what if you had written them down? Would you have succeeded at them? Basically, writing down your plans means you increase your follow through rates, which is why it’s so important not to skip the writing process.

An excellent written success plan takes your goals and breaks them into bite-sized chunks. All of a sudden what seemed like a daunting task looks achievable because you realize your final goal is really just a group of smaller tasks grouped together. That’s why the writing process is so important. It gives you the road map for success.

With this road map, you work on each smaller task and move forward in the right direction because not only do you know where you’re going but you can see your success through completing each smaller task. And nothing helps with success, like succeeding.

And while you do have a written plan, please remember all success plans are flexible and adjustable. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure because you need to make a change to succeed. That’s part of the assessment part, realizing that you might have been overly optimistic or something changed in your life, so you have to adjust. It’s okay. Adjust and continue the follow through.

All this is why I’m writing down my lifestyle freedom success plan. I want the 30% success increase and I want a plan that I can assess, commit to, give feedback and follow through. Writing down my plan gives me the roadmap to my dreams. And turning a dream into reality is my ultimate goal.

Using the Pomodoro technique for success

I’m using my  Using the Power of Visualization perfect day post as the template for my ultimate goal success. When I wrote down my perfect day, I knew it really was how I wanted to work and live my life, with one small difference.

Currently, I have a little over five hours committed to work and I want to bring that number down to four. When I planned out my perfect day, I didn’t know about the Pomodoro technique for increasing efficiency and only built-in one break per hour.

The Pomodoro technique breaks your work into 25-minute segments, followed by a five-minute break. During the 25 minutes, you set a timer and only focus on one thing at a time, avoiding all other distractions. Basically, you interval train. You sprint as hard as you can then take a break before sprinting off again.

It makes sense because not only do you focus for a short amount of time but you reduce burn out because you take breaks. Such a simple but easy fix for increasing productivity. I’m pretty sure by applying the Pomodoro technique to my perfect day plan, I’ll cut my work time down to the desirable four hours with no issue.

So what does my freedom success plan look like?

Ultimate Goal: Complete my work and make a living in four hours, five days a week.

  1. Remove distractions: setup workspace, install computer software for reducing distractions, get rid of fear, inform hubby that I’m working and focus.
  2. Use the Pomodoro technique: Write, edit or plan like a mad woman for eight, 25-minute chunks.
  3. During breaks: get up, stretch and relax while doing small tasks, such as watering the plants, grabbing the mail, getting a cup of tea, using the restroom, talking to hubby or feeding the dog.
  4. Get an accountability partner: someone who will help me look at my goals and help me when I’m not succeeding or congratulate me when I am. Hubby is a natural choice, but I think I want someone outside the marriage. Someone who is working towards the same freedom lifestyle I am working towards.
  5. Get to work.

Wow! My plan doesn’t look so bad now that it’s broken down into what I need to do. I can actually see my freedom lifestyle on the horizon. Time to start the plan!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

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