Forming new habits: Girl flying off on new path

Finding Success in New Habits

Forming new habits: Girl flying off on new path

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It wasn’t until reading Natalie’s blog post for the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7 that I realized I’m trapped in the cycle of overwhelm and that I need new habits.

I consume so much advice and information on the web, much of it sounding reasonable, that I feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. Then the fear of both failing and succeeding kicks in and I still don’t take action. It’s a vicious cycle and one I want free of.

Focus, I need focus. I need new habits.

Habits are things that we do automatically, without thinking, in our lives, such as driving, walking, reading, riding a bike, or whatever your habits are.

I’m working so hard towards the lifestyle I want. But I’ve mostly skipped setting new habits, making new paths, because I’m stuck in the cycle of consumption of new material. It’s time to put down the new material and focus on what I know. It’s time for an action plan.

Meditation, yoga and language learning are three full-time regular healthy habits I want in my life. I’ve also been taking free classes for learning new things. And while none of these are new in my life, I’ve allowed my practice of them to slip. It’s time for a little discipline and willpower.

I have willpower but lately, I’ve let the procrastination bug take over. I’m a little (or a lot) all over the place and allowing distraction easy access. There’s always something else I would rather be doing or I begin to feel overwhelmed and my brain freezes. I actually become quite stupid when that happens!

No, I’m not being mean to myself, just realistically honest. I really do need a change.

66 Days to a New Habit

According to a University of London study, it’s easier to make new habits than to break old ones and it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit. Although depending on the habit, you might form it quicker or take longer.

30-day challenges are a great way for starting yourself down the path of forming a new habit. They set you up to succeed because it creates a bite-sized goal that doesn’t seem as long. And quite often, by the time you finish the 30 days, you enjoy the results so much, you’re encouraged to keep going.

I’m going to set myself some 30-day challenges. I already have implemented the language learning in my life for 20 minutes every morning and that’s going pretty well. I recently completed 31 days without a miss. Woot!

Actually, I’m going to set up two 30-day challenges for myself. The first is do a 10-minute meditation every morning and the second is to do 10 cold pitches for my freelance writing every weekday until I have enough work to make a full-time living through my writing.

Start Date for my 30-Day Challenges

In order to set myself up for success, I’m not starting my challenges immediately.

I know, I know! I’m the type of person who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because I think you should just start when you make up your mind that you want to change something instead of waiting for the New Year. But I have to set myself up for success.

If I try to start the challenges today or tomorrow, I’m not setting myself up for success. I’m in the middle of a travel transition phase. I’m visiting my sister in North Carolina. It’s the first time I’ve been back to NC in almost eight years. Both of these are huge distractions. SO, I’m going to start my challenges on September 26th.

September 26th gives me time to get this visit over and prepare for our next housesit in Longmont, Colorado. I’ll be setting myself up for success and reducing my chances of failure.

How exciting! I’m going to beat procrastination and overwhelm. I’m on the path to learning new habits and getting the freedom lifestyle that I want.

Now I’m off to find people to help hold me accountable. Please feel free to check up on me and encourage me to keep up my 30-Day challenges. I’ll be happy to return the favor 🙂

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

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