Finding Balance in Work and Life: Coffee, phone and notebook

Finding Balance in the Freedom Lifestyle

Finding Balance in Work and Life: Coffee, phone and notebook

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Finding balance in anything in life is important for living a healthy life.

We’ve all heard the phrase work-life balance. But how many of us actually live it?

I didn’t for a long time but now I’m taking great measures for finding balance everywhere in my life. It’s important for not only my sanity but my happiness.

I’m an ex-workaholic. That’s not saying that I’m lazy now. I’ve just changed my outlooks on what’s important.

About ten years ago I found myself stuck in a world of owning my landscaping company, building a new custom home, caring for my family, living with an unhappy, un-fulfilling marriage, keeping up with friends and paying for all the toys, such as boats, cars, motorcycles, etc. I was deep in debt, working 80 to 100 hours a week or more. I wasn’t happy. Life sucked! So I got out. I left it all behind without looking back.

Yes, it wasn’t that simple but I did get out. I realized the day I moved out of that life, that I never wanted to live like that again. I wanted time to stop a “smell the roses.” And no one needs all that stuff for happiness. In fact, having all the stuff was part of what made me so unhappy. I wanted to actually LIVE my life, to enjoy it without being weighed down by crap.

It’s hard to break the habit of working so much. Since childhood, It’s been ingrained in me to have value means success and money. It means working all the time. I still have days that I feel so guilty that I’m not doing something more “useful.”  But I’m determined to kick the habit (or addiction) and live a balanced life.

The change.

Then, last year, hubby (the second one) and I made a change. We dived into the deep in, selling off our car and belongings, and started living the location independent lifestyle.

The original plan was to take a year off, live off our savings and then go back to the “real” world of location dependent jobs and home. But over the year, our plans changed. We decided we liked living the location independent lifestyle. We like having our freedom and the relief of being free of all the stuff. So we started working out a plan.

We set aside the hours of 8 to 12 on weekdays for work hours. And worked on keeping our play in the other hours. I sneak in more time when we’re not busy to help make up for days when we’re traveling or scheduled a day trip.

Having a structured plan works for us because it creates a sense of responsibility, a space for working. It also creates a schedule where we both know the other is working. And while we’re not yet making a living from our computers, I have faith that we will soon be truly location independent, finding balance and living the freedom lifestyle fully.

To help us conquer the naysayers of the world, we’ve made new friends. Ones who live the same type of freedom lifestyle we are working towards. It really helps to have a group of cheerleaders who believe the same thing you do for success because it’s hard enough finding work-life balance living in one location, much less trying to find it while living a location independent lifestyle.

We’re well on the path to success. We still have a few more bumps to cross but I’m pretty sure that we’ll succeed at our plan for finding balance and living the freedom lifestyle wherever we choose.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

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  • Gavin says:

    In my experience the success of this lifestyle is in my acceptance of doing what it takes, no matter what others think or say. Great to read about you journey and who knows we may see you on the road one day.

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